This week’s theme – Renewal

I had a big ol’ post planned for today, but I’m going to have to defer. I’m exhausted after driving around all day, and need some sleep, now!

I could continue to write about more connections that give me reason to hope, love and all that stuff, but I wanted to mix things up a little. I’ll come back to more connections again.

So renewal! Creating something new out of something old. Renewing interest in something – a food, a way of thinking or doing things, a style – that had passed out of people’s attention. Renewal is something we are all doing more of lately, in an effort to save precious resources.

So. Something new out of something old.


Connections – animals

Well, despite having a stare-down contest with one of my cats, who at this moment thinks that being fed trumps writing a new blog entry, at this moment, the bond we share with animals is one I cherish. They are there for us when humans are not, loving us unconditionally and making us laugh. They teach us to care for another being, to be more generous, to play, to connect. And all they want in return from us is food and shelter, and hopefully some love along the way.

So precious.

Connections – boyfriends, dads, grandfathers, husbands, friends…

I’m writing this as my husband flies to LA for the week. I’m never good at being away from him for any length of time, and I generally get less done, stay up later, and feel worse overall. The only reason I can think of is that he grounds me. My airy, wispy  Gemini nature will float away if I don’t have someone to bring me back to earth, every once in a while.

So it got me thinking about the men in my life.

My dad, my late grandfather, my father-in-law, my brothers-in-law and all their (male) cousins. These male family members are a source of strength and laughter and unwavering support. It’s a different energy than my wonderful girlfriends, who are also supportive and strong and fill me with laughter.  They hit different parts of me, provide nourishment in different ways.

This goes for my male friends, as well. They are protective like the brothers I never had. They make me laugh, have threatened to beat up deadbeat boyfriends (thankfully a thing of the past!), taken me for dinner when I’ve been feeling down, and been there, strong and steady like a rock, when I’ve needed them.

So a shout out to the men in my life, and the men out there who do the very same for the women in their lives.

Connections – smiles

Sounds cheesy, eh? Right, right, of course everyone finds a smile a positive influence…but do you smile at the person you passed on the stairs down to the subway? Did you smile at the person who took your cash at the register in the grocery store? Those smiles are small connections that can change a person’s day. More often than not, the other person will smile back, and they will feel that much better for that much longer in their day. And so will you, because you will have connected with someone unexpected.

When I remember to do this, these moments are so special to me! Smiling is totally contagious. The best kind of virus to spread, during flu season. 😉

Try it. I’m going to, this weekend.

Connections – Touch

This one’s going to be short and sweet:

The touch of a loved one, whether through a hug, a hand on the shoulder, or a squeeze of the hand, can change your world in an instant.

Connections – nature pt. 2 –

Today was a good day. I found out some health news that
seemed like a miracle, and it made me think about what it means to
be connected to something larger than oneself.

I don’t want to philosophize about religion, or proselytize, or make anyone too uncomfortable by naming that Larger Thing. But whether you’re feeling connected to nature as you’re taking a hike through the woods, or feeling connected to the universe as you’re meditating, or feeling connected to your God as you pray, that particular connection, the one that makes you feel as though there’s something bigger than you out there, that can help you through difficult times.

It’s that Larger Thing that I’m grateful for tonight. Whether I can call this a miracle or whether the fact I was able to feel the presence of that Larger Thing, despite all the bad news after a while, was the Miracle.

Connections – nature part 1: snow

This morning, everything was covered in a light dusting of snow. We had a few days of above-freezing temperatures around New Years, so any accumulation that had built up from before Christmas had disappeared long ago, and we’d had several days of walking around in a cold, desolate-looking city. Nothing is worse than frigid temperatures without the snow! What’s the point in the cold, otherwise? Granted, I don’t have a long driveway to clear, but some of you must be with me on this, no? Anyway, perhaps it’s because last winter was so unseasonably warm, with so little snow, but this winter I have been all about the magic of snow. Clean slate, y’know? All the ugliness of the world disappears, for a while at least.

When I was younger, I used to make everyone I was friends with spend time catching snowflakes in their tongues with me, at least once every winter. Now, I know what you’re thinking, if you grew up in a place with snow: everyone did that when they were 8 or 9 years old, right? Well, I’m talking about doing it right into my late 20s. Yup. I’m sure the people who saw me doing this late at night, on my way home from a night out with friends, thought I was a few tools short of a full shed! But I guarantee that every friend I asked to do this with me smiled just a little bit more than they would’ve otherwise.

Try it! See if you don’t feel just  little more joyful, or catch yourself enjoying it more than you thought you would. I bet you’ll surprise yourself.

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