Renewal – Self-Adornment

I’m a jewellery designer. I love sparkly things, and was collecting crystals, rocks, and drawing pictures of earring displays long before I started to make pretty things. But when I started, it was all about buying more and more things to create more and more things. Now, I love what I do, and I wouldn’t trade in my pretty jewels for anything…but I wish I had opened my eyes to other possibilities in my creation journey. Dismantling vintage jewellery pieces and creating something entirely new, using random hardware bits, chopping them up and reassembling them into my new vision, melting down old silver to create something else altogether…such options!

There are some incredibly innovative designers out there, that have been and continue to be inspirations for me and where I’d one day like to take my own designs. Here are a few:

This ain't the Barbie you grew up with

Circuit boards, reimagined



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