Connections – boyfriends, dads, grandfathers, husbands, friends…

I’m writing this as my husband flies to LA for the week. I’m never good at being away from him for any length of time, and I generally get less done, stay up later, and feel worse overall. The only reason I can think of is that he grounds me. My airy, wispy  Gemini nature will float away if I don’t have someone to bring me back to earth, every once in a while.

So it got me thinking about the men in my life.

My dad, my late grandfather, my father-in-law, my brothers-in-law and all their (male) cousins. These male family members are a source of strength and laughter and unwavering support. It’s a different energy than my wonderful girlfriends, who are also supportive and strong and fill me with laughter.  They hit different parts of me, provide nourishment in different ways.

This goes for my male friends, as well. They are protective like the brothers I never had. They make me laugh, have threatened to beat up deadbeat boyfriends (thankfully a thing of the past!), taken me for dinner when I’ve been feeling down, and been there, strong and steady like a rock, when I’ve needed them.

So a shout out to the men in my life, and the men out there who do the very same for the women in their lives.


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