Connections – nature pt. 2 –

Today was a good day. I found out some health news that
seemed like a miracle, and it made me think about what it means to
be connected to something larger than oneself.

I don’t want to philosophize about religion, or proselytize, or make anyone too uncomfortable by naming that Larger Thing. But whether you’re feeling connected to nature as you’re taking a hike through the woods, or feeling connected to the universe as you’re meditating, or feeling connected to your God as you pray, that particular connection, the one that makes you feel as though there’s something bigger than you out there, that can help you through difficult times.

It’s that Larger Thing that I’m grateful for tonight. Whether I can call this a miracle or whether the fact I was able to feel the presence of that Larger Thing, despite all the bad news after a while, was the Miracle.


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